Are your products only sourced from Victorian supply?

No, we have several suppliers in Victoria. However we also have a wide network throughout Australia. We can locate specific species of timber and we source products based on availability, timelines, specifications and budget.

Do you deal with architects or only with project managers and builders?

We have dealt with several projects involving architects that have been commissioned for local government, government or private industry purposes. We are relaxed and confident with dealings with architects find we are able to meet their expectations.

How do we stop price escalation?

Laurie Larsen produces a fixed price quote for the supply of specialist and exotic timbers, depending on the buyer’s requirements. Once this is accepted, then this price is locked in. Only in exceptional circumstances where the timber being sourced is being subject to high freight costs or escalating prices at the source is there a term for renegotiation of prices.

How is the product delivered?

Laurie Larsen is a brokerage organisation sourcing and supplying specialist and exotic timbers. We do not ever take delivery of the product, or double handle it where this is unnecessary in the supply chain.

Most times our products are delivered directly from the supplier to your project site.

Is there a charge for deliver?

As the source of timber is sometimes a long way from the site, especially in the case of specialist and exotic timbers, there is an additional cost for freight handling and insurance.

This cost is itemised within the fixed price invoice as part of the total cost.

If the timber being sourced is outside normal transport regulations, there can be requirements for permits, road escorts, etc., but this is most exceptional.

What happens if the product does not meet specifications?

We would be extremely surprised, but if this should happen we would intervene as the agent and deliver a client solution that sees your documented specifications met as per the terms and conditions of the contract.

What is the usual delivery timeline?

Sourcing some specialist and exotic timbers takes time, and sometimes they have to be specifically milled or even sourced. For many timbers, the delivery times are normal for the industry. These times are provided when we quote price, and where there may be exceptional transportation or seasonal factors, we will advise you and develop extra buffer time to allow for these factors.

Who do I deal with once the order has been accepted?

At all times, you deal with Laurie Larsen as we are your agent, and this provides a single point of control and we project manage to source and supply to the contract and terms and conditions.

What if I am unsure about which timber to utilise for a specific project?
Laurie Larsen can advise on availability and specifications for particular end use applications. We can also provide assistance in developing the specifications and sourcing brief based upon our knowledge of the Australian specialist and exotic timber market, reliable suppliers, consistent sources of quality timbers, timber practices and management, and security of supply to meet project conditions.