Timber Choice is climate dependent

There are many exciting and different types of species that  are available in the Australian marketplace to use for the interior of your home or next project.


Sourcing these timbers can be difficult ,but if you have the right network and the right supplier, they are tapped into the sources and are able to get the best supply for you, usually with minimum time delays and affordable pricing.


Choosing between species is not always a matter of the look, feel and appearance. It can come down to having the right product for the right situation. Knowing chemistry and the way the teachers deal with particular climatic elements is important part of your purchasing decision.


We are faced more and more with microclimates and climate differences that can really make it difficult for some species that look good and fit well in one part of Australia to be inappropriate for another.


Having the input of an expert who can identify particular species available and suitable for the  Australian landscape and species suitable for individual climates and climatic zones is important.

We deal with project managers, builders and timber experts  who have already placed particular species in particular climate zones and in particular usage situations
We are able to translate this knowledge to your situation and to enable you to take advantage of this knowledge and get the optimum outcome for your project
This informed decision making and consultation can save the headaches that can come with poor choices and disappointment in the long term and usually high maintenance costs as well.